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Rovira Almond Treat Crackers - 9.6 oz Box - 2 Pack
Rovira Almond Treat Crackers - 9.6 oz Box - 2 Pack

Rovira Almond Treat Crackers - 9.6 oz Box - 2 Pack

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It all started in 1929 when our founder, José María Rovira Viza bought a small bakery in the heart of the city of Ponce, Puerto Rico. In 1937, the son of our founder, José Miguel, joined the company and led it to become a cookie maker, especially export soda biscuits. The term "export soda" originated because soda crackers were exported in the last century from the United States to Puerto Rico. Then the name became popular and people called export sodas to any type of soda cracker. In the coming decades, despite the Second World War, the company kept growing and expanding. With family savings and a Industrial Development loan, it was registered in 1947 under the name of Rovira Biscuit Corporation. During the same year, the new factory was built to support this growth in demand. In the 1950s, the company began marketing its products on the east coast of the United States and then expanded to the Caribbean market. The third generation of the Rovira family joined the company in the 1960s, bringing with it new ideas in technology and marketing, making the Rovira brand # 1 among Puerto Rican consumers. In the 1990s a group of professional managers along with the fourth generation of the Rovira family, took up the challenge of expanding their portfolio of products and their offer in the market of Puerto Rico and abroad.

About the product
  • Deliciously Sweet, Crispy Almond Crackers... by Rovira in Ponce, Puerto Rico
  • 8 Foil Fresh Packets per Box (12 crackers per packet)
  • 0% Cholesterol, 0% Trans Fat, 0% Saturated Fat
  • Enjoy fresh of the pack or with your favorite Jam or Natural Butter